Hey guys, as you guys know, I'm running this blog solely on my interests in blogging and the otaku culture. I'm also doing this as a hobby and not for profit. But reality never escapes QAQ.

I still need money for food, shelter and bills. Not to mention, the otaku stuffs for the contents of this blog! So if you guys could be generous enough to donate a dollar or two, I am truly grateful.

All of those money is for the purpose of improving this blog and providing more content so you guys can enjoy it even more! EVERYTHING you've given to me I shall DELIVER back to you guys in forms of information, entertainment, and if God wills, in goodies and prizes!

So help me in order for me to keep this blog alive. Thank you all so much.
Click the button below or on the sidebar to go to my PayPal donation page. Yes, I accept PayPal only for now.

Again, thank you so much! Be seeing you guys more and more in the future.

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